Super Friends No Randos Men's T-Shirt

$18.99 Reg.$21.99

Super Friends No Randos Men's T-Shirt

$18.99 Reg.$21.99

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Sorry, you're just not 'Super Friends' material.

Seriously, when was the last time you did something super, like inhaling a lake, destroying an alien armada with flying fish, slaying a cyclops, or saving Gotham's water supply from toxic Joker Fish?

Right -- there was no "last time."

Because the Super Friends only accept the cream of the crop -- the very best of the best -- there's no way in heck you're getting a cubicle at the Watchtower.

I mean, your excessive beer drinking -- although certainly impressive -- could never be considered a super-power. Yes, it aids in embarrassing drunkenness, but it won't effectively coax a cat from a tree.

Made from 100% cotton, our Super Friends No Randos Men's T-Shirt celebrates the hit cartoon series with a retro, purposely distressed print.

This Super Friends t-shirt for men also tells any and all aspiring -- and "random" -- superheroes vying for Justice League membership to cool their jets. A positive attitude and an affinity for flatulence isn't getting you a seat at the round table.

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